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How to repair credit history. Self credit repair - do it yourself

How to repair credit history. Self credit repair - do it yourself
You don't need anyone but self to make credit repair work. The fact of the matter is only self credit repair will help you to get back on track - whatever the reason is, be that bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, lack of employment, identity theft or simple stupidity on your part, once you realize you must do something, do it yourself credit repair is the only way to go. No one and nothing else will, and that includes various debt consolidation plans way more often than not. It may be annoying and time consuming, but you can do it.

There many things that can ruin your credit, and often, it is simply the financial difficulties of the past that hunt your credit scores today or some negative information that got on your report by mistake. It could be that you got more serious problems, but whatever it is, order your credit reports from all three credit reporting agencies - Equifax, Experian and TransUnion to check what is on. This is the first step in self credit repair. Use our Credit Monitoring Comparison and please, do not rely on a free credit report from you credit card issuer or other sources. If you are late with a mortgage payment or missed on your car payment, then you have more serious problem in store, but again, do it yourself credit repair is the safest thing to do.

Once you have credit reports, go very carefully over the following basic, but vital items:
- your full name (and any previous names) including Jr., Sr, III, etc.;
- Social Security number;
- telephone number;
- lawsuits, liens, bankruptcy information;
- current and previous addresses;
- employment history;
- marriages, divorces;

Finally, look over the entire credit report and check for any seemingly insignificant differences related to your personal profile.

Next self credit repair step is to look at your credit history and check for:
- duplicate records with duplicate unpaid balances;
- accounts you never had, attached to your name and/or Social Security in error;
- derogatory accounts older than 7 years and still shown - check bad credit time limits;
- accounts or charges caused by identity theft;
- balances posted to your accounts in error;
- hard inquires taken without your permission;

If there is an information that is negative or incorrect, dispute it with every credit reporting agency which shows it, using credit dispute letters. If there are debt collection related records, use this debt validation letter to straighten things out. Once again, refrain from enlisting outside help - do it yourself.

The last self credit repair touch you want to take is to overlap your bad credit records with new good one. You may have to get a secured credit card or two, get a cosigner if you can find one, but new credit lines are often the best medicine against credit problems, as long as you keep them in good standing.

It will take time, anywhere from 6 weeks to a year, depending on how bad your credit is damaged to see results. You will, at the very least, save money, which would be wasted on some totally unreliable credit repair business. If self credit repair doesn't work, nothing will. Regardless if it does or not, develop budget, live below your means for sometime.
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#1 Wrote: Emma (15 September 2011 06:50)  

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Thanks guys, I just about lost it lokoing for this.
#2 Wrote: Rosalinda (15 September 2011 06:51)  

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The genius store claled, they're running out of you.

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